Achievement Motivation

Achievement motivation
Motif affiliated (affiliation motive) or n-Aff
That is the motive that would lead a person's behavior in dealing with others. For her familiarity in dealing with others is a primary goal where there is an atmosphere full of intimate, relaxed, harmonious. He has great attention to others, problems of others to live as he lived himself. Similarly, considerable tolerance.
This motif is shown through:
• Prefer together and get along with others than alone
• More concerned with interpersonal aspects (human relations) of the aspects related to the tasks in the job
• Trying to get approval of others
• More effective work in a friendly
• The desire to make, repair or maintain a friendship
• The desire to participate in friendship activities

1.a.ii. Motive power (motive power) or n-Pow
Is the motive that causes a person to control or dominated the other people in contact with its environment. He was glad when he can act and control over another person, and those who mastered it he will do like what he says.
This motif is shown through:
• On the political organization
• Be sensitive to the structure unterpersonal (boss-subordinate, etc.) from a group
• Trying to help others without being asked and / or desirable person
• to show it through actions, words, etc..

• The idea to do something that cause strong feelings, both positive and negative for others.
• Trying to control others by setting behavior or other person alive

1.a.iii. Achievement motives (achievement motive) or n-Ach
Is the motive that directs behavior with emphasis on the achievement of a particular achievement. Achieve or obtain a better ssuatu is a difficult requirement removed, he will try to continue until at some point he got what he wanted it. Something that is in the minds of people who have this achievement motivation is an effort, struggle so he could get an achievement.
• Rick Taker
Liking pekerjaan-pekerjaan/tugas-tugas with moderate difficulty level. Less eager to work / activities that are too easy or too difficult.
• Result Oriented Task
Typical instrumental activities and energetic!
Self motivated / strong impetus to successfully complete the task, diligent, tough-minded, work hard and have the heart to do this stability.
Seeing the success / failure is not a factor due to external parties, but he himself as a controller.
For them to work not only as a target even if you can be better than the target. He always has good instincts, happy and satisfied doing the best, knows no half measures.
• Self Confidence
Individual responsibility (personal responsibility) is high, as well as when working in a group, responsibility for the group is also high, where the target group feels as personal goals.
They trust their own ability, the ability to work alone, may be optimistic, dynamic, and have the ability to be a leader.
• Originiality
The ability to find something original of his own, capable of creating things new that are not tied to the existing pattern. Creative and competent in various fields and have the knowledge and experience quite a lot.

• People-Oriented
Able to use others as a feed back or feedback for their own interests, flexible, able to accept criticism or opinions of others against him.
Looking at the importance of "Knowledge of Result" (see results) as a feed back for future planning
• Future Oriented
Having anticipated the possibilities in the future

Actually there are three motives in a person, but the motive power in each person will be different or not equal. Usually satulah only strong, so look into some form of actual behavior (overt) and the things the program can not be separated from the state or the state of the environment, whether or not the birth of possible forms of behavior are controlled by the motive was.
Jochen Roepke argues that a nation is rapidly developing nations that expand when entrepreneurs (those oriented to the need for achievement) as executive creative energy change. This has been evidenced by the Japanese a small country (compared to Indonesia) and ravaged by bombs in Hirosima and Nagasaki in 1945, in a relatively short time of 30 years has been able to build the country, even now the qibla latest advanced technology development. Japan's key success was located in Japan's ability to create and provide a great entrepreneur as much as 2% and the small entrepreneur as much as 20% of the total population.
Maslow states that people who are backward condition, needed a hundred self-employed rather than economists, politicians or engineers.
Communities that have values of entrepreneurship does not mean that rich people will matter, but rich people will be motivated to work. An entrepreneur is an innovator who will be able to create new ways, new methods, new production, new markets, so as to flatten and raise incomes.

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