WRITE TO change the world

The other is Changing the World One Must with Writing

Poetry as quoted above, written on the tomb of Ali Archam - Semaoen peers, H Misbach and Tan Malaka - in his exile in Digul, Papua. Being a "do not disappear without a trace", when he wrote the footsteps of read and read again, who not only found in history, but also the dismantling of historiography that has lasted long, as has been done in dismantling Takashi Shiraishi Orthodox historiography after tracing back the manuscripts written by SI activists (the SI) is mainly based Red in the city of Semarang (Semarang Locaal SI / SI Cambodgien Semarang).

Takashi Shiraishi explained, Misbachlah - as well as Mas Marco Kartodikromo, Semaoenn, and Tan Malaka - which reminds us of misclassification Nationalism, Islam, Communism, and warn us of the nationalist view was haphazard. If we waste classification and the observation that gratuitous and menghinda `f11rkan away from teleological view, the movements in the quarters of the 19th century would appear again in its own unique. At the time of movement, movement leaders to think, write, and say and act as the first. Enlightened by the words and their deeds, the people see the world and moving. Finally we are now still can see their world with the following words and their deeds are etched in the writings they left behind.

When many people think every atheist and communist justifies all means, the novel "Hikajat Kadiroen", written in prison Semaoenn it is about Toehan Alloh, where asking for help, provide a sense of gratitude, and the source of the lawful and unlawful and that the problem of kondrat inevitable.

Or writings of H. Misbach Moeslimin Medan newspaper: "We as Muslims wadjiblah from boeat hat djaoeh sign memboeka give trimakasih to Karl Marx who became penoenjoek way, we can karenanja religion mengetahoei biggest obstacle" ... .. "Ketahoilah, just saorang the mengakoe loyal to Igama and masoek djoega komunist movement in the field, and just added mengakoe bahoea just terbukanja minds in the field of truth on the orders of Islam itoe, not the other combatants in the course sesoedah Ilmoe kommunisme study, up to now have the courage to say djoega, kasalamatan Doenia bahoea kaloetnja this, others not only from djahanam capitalism and imperialism which only berboedi itoe boeas, boekanja kasalamatan and our freedom in Doenia in hidoep alone, up to our belief that beroesak djoega Igama poen olhnja.

In the text of the report to the Comintern congress-4 in the year 1922, Tan Malaka, who represented Indonesia, in his speech mentioned that he insisted that Pan-Islamism is "the national struggle to gain freedom.

Bung Karno had said: "The Red Suit, Nay Never Forget History." Why do we read and learn the history, because if there is no meaning for what to spend time with her. At least, in terms of the minimum, we're not interested in repeating the failures and successes to learn in a progress, so for that we learn the history. With all sejarahlah, thinkers, like Marx, Gramsci, Semaoenn, H. Misbach, Tan Malaka, until the Manifesto of the movement always show the reality of history. Tuhanpun in trying to teach scripture in the history of mankind.

Speaking of history, instead we are memorizing the names and dates of events and was always considered important, by whom, and why all considered important is the fact of the questions on the lessons of history. When History is His Story mengkukuhkan rulers to their dominant status via the manipulation of history and practice of deception. Our revolutionary task is to seize KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT.

The struggle for the means of production in order to build knowledge of criticism and emancipation of the masses is by creating intellectual and science in favor of the people and the ability to open a media propaganda for the people.

In the discussion of history, very interesting words of Dom Helder Camara: "When I Feeding the Hungry People, I called the Saints. However, when I'm Asking Why People That Hungry, I called a Communist. "This shows how the mass criticism beaten with stigmatization of its legitimacy relies on pdmalsuan history. So seize the means of production also means dismantling the knowledge that made history for the rejection of the legitimacy kritisime mass and rejection of populist policies.

History of movement, is where we look at society as a dialectical development, so that we can see the spirit and the blood flow of the movement. In the context of the East Indies, the Colonial Government has provided Buitenzorg (Bogor) to observe and find the formula for the destruction of the movement. Glass Houses, which are intended Pramoedya Ananta Toer is the purpose of it. Greenhouse products is the movement of history as seen from the surface and many dijadik `n references that gave birth to what is by Takashi Shiraishi called orthodox or historiography historiography that saw the movement of cuttings in the flow of Nationalism, Communism and Islamism.

Reviews about the ideologies and become a "glass house" which failed to understand the ideology that the perpetrators are people who are responding to the world that he thinks And he still moves and practice the movement and in our memories now become a memory of history bdrtindak thought . The failure of such an understanding born of Orthodox historiography historiography that is transplanted. What should we call the science of history of performance intelligence Dutch East Indies colonial government.

2. The SI and the Communist Party of Indonesia

Penetration of Marxist ideas in Indonesia conducted by ISDV (Indische Sociaal-Democratische Vereeninging), founded by Henk Seneevliet in May 1917, which later developed by the activists in the Red Guardistz in Surabaya and VSTP

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